Delicate paper flowers by Studio About with flexible wire stems to bend and position as you please.

Each comes packaged in a lovely tube packaging for easy postage and gifting.

Pair together with a small vase from home or with one of our porcelain or glass vases in our temporary collection. (with links to click through)

Use the paper flowers individually or put them together into bouquets. You can use your paper flowers the same way you would use the natural flower yet you can enjoy them forever! 


Flower head when open 12cm

Total stem length 42cm

The flowers are packaged in a tube to protect them until open. To unfold once you receive:

Carefully grab the flower head down in the box and pull it out.

Spread the petals of the flower.

To create more fullness, gently pull your thumb in the middle of a petal, that way they become more curved.