Wax Atelier Slim Tapered Candles - Dark Green

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A pack of 6 slim tapered candles  from Wax Ateleiers Green Tea Collection in a ‘seaweed green’ shade. The Green Tea Candle Collection is a fuse of green tea wax and pure yellow beeswax. These candles release a subtle aroma of matcha tea and honey.

Place in a vessel or dish with some grains to hold and use! 

Wax Atelier candles made in London use traditional candle making techniques of hand dipping with natural beeswax. Thoughtful craftsmanship is evident from first touch of their products, from the packaging to the delicate fragrance of each candle. 

I was instantly drawn to this brand for their authenticity and their beautiful visual communication since launching in 2017. 

Well Placed is proud to stock a selection of Wax Atelier candles.


Dimensions: ø10mm x 220mm

Burn time: approx 2.5 hrs

Green tea wax, 100% pure beeswax, cotton wick